About Me

I've been an “acrostaholic” for most of my life. My mom got me hooked at an early age by offering me $10 for every puzzle book I completed during summer break from school. 


By the time that first puzzle-solving summer was over I had a lot more money in my piggy bank. But even more importantly, I had developed what would become a lifelong love of word puzzles — particularly acrostic puzzles. 

When I'm not constructing acrostic puzzles, I work as a writer and editor. I've written  several nonfiction books, and thousands of news and feature articles on topics ranging from camel farming in the desert to wormholes in outer space.


My books include Micronesian Blues, the true story of my husband Bryan Vila's six years working as a police chief in the far Pacific islands of Micronesia. Micronesian Blues is now available in both print and Kindle versions on Amazon. 














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