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 Themed acrostic puzzles for every
age, interest, and skill level!

American Acrostics have been making history fun since 2011!

American history, culture, and trivia themed acrostic puzzles!

CynAcrostics are challenging, contemporary puzzles guaranteed to get your "cynapses" firing!

Eclectic - and slightly eccentric - themed acrostic puzzles guaranteed to get your "cynapses" firing!

AnimaCrostics are easy, animal-themed puzzles for the young--and the young at heart...




puzzles for kids!

Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble,
Powell's Books, and Egghead Games!

Puzzling News!


CynAcrostics Volume 8: Who Knew? is now available on Amazon. Here's the book description from the back cover:


What did Cleopatra invent a rather disgusting and dubious “cure” for? Which insect relies on the Milky Way to find its way? What’s the most important factor to take into account when designing a skyscraper? Which animal is essentially immortal? What makes Stradivarius violins so special?


These are just a few of the topics covered by the eclectic assortment of quotation solutions in CynAcrostics Volume 8: Who Knew?, which features 50 original puzzles meticulously crafted by "acrostaholic" Cynthia (Cyn) Morris.


Each puzzle is individually-themed, adding an extra level of fun for eagle-eyed solvers on the lookout for clues and answers related to the quotation solution.


If you love learning fascinating facts - and solving challenging, clever word puzzles - then sharpen your pencil, put on your thinking cap, and get ready for hours of "cyntillating" fun with CynAcrostics!

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