All 16 volumes of my acrostics puzzles are now available on the Egghead Games Acrostics app!  Look for them under the heading "Acrostics by Cyn" on the main page.

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© 2011-2021 by Cynthia Morris

Series tiles designed by Kit Foster,

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Animal images ©Virinaflora/

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White House image ©Orhan Cam/

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Capitol image ©Joseph Sohm/

All American image ©JoyBrown/

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Stack of books image ©OnLollipops/

Question mark made of books ©Maxx-Studio /

Colorful film strip ©Linusy/

Surprised woman with book ©Masson/

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Lightbulb ©AigelBer/

Amelia Earhart image ©delcarmat/